Walking with Mozart, on his Birthday

Beautiful Poem ♡

Mozart's Children

It’s been snowing for three days… a long-awaited snow… 

The car is stuck in the parking, so yesterday I walked a long way 

to the post office, 

and it felt wonderful! 

I had not walked for a long time, 

so long it felt like I was just discovering 

the sensation of delicate snow flakes 

touching my skin… 

I walked  

on a long, quiet street, 

an old street, 

with old houses, 

some of them remnants of a time when Bucharest 

was called “The Little Paris”.  

I walked for a long time, 

with Mozart’s music playing in my mind… 

(whenever I’m alone his music starts to play inside me, 

and then I’m not alone


I only stopped to freeze some images 

of a past long gone, 

when people needed beauty 

more than they do today, 

and so they built beautiful houses  

in stone, 

not skyscrapers 

in metal, 


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