MOZART – the composer

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W. A. Mozart – portrait by Giuseppe Cignaroli (also known as Fra Felice)

Why is Mozart so special amongst the hundreds of composers of the past and present? There are many reasons, but the one that always never ceases to amaze me is that never in human history has anyone who has lived for less than 36 years has created such marvellous works of art, and in such number and variety. It is truly a wonder of nature and human evolution that such a genius could have lived to create such music that thrills and moves millions of people over the centuries.

True, he had a maniac of a father (Leopold) who drove him endlessly when he discovered his son’s genius from virtually infancy. Here was someone who could compose music before he could read and write properly: at the age of six, had his first pieces written down, composed…

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Apple Cider Donut Cake

Lea & Jay


I warned you didn’t I? Here we go now with the first of what may prove to be a parade of Fall-time apple-y goodness…Apple Cider Donut Cake! Whaaat? Yup….Apple. Cider. Donut. Cake. Could I have crammed any more deliciousness into that recipe title? I’ve already told you how I love apples. And Apple Cider…especially the type that is a bit more medicinal…if you know what I’m saying…is exciting. Donuts! Who doesn’t love cinnamon sugar laden apple cider donuts?! Well you get all of those mouthwateringly yummy flavours all wrapped up in one gorgeous big old bundt cake.


This cake is amazingly moist and tender, just bursting with apple flavour. It would be delicious simply unadorned, but it is completely over the top when brushed with some boozy cider glaze and dusted, quite liberally with crunchy cinnamon sugar.


It is great anytime of the day, for breakfast, tea-time snack, dessert or…

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Walking with Mozart, on his Birthday

Beautiful Poem ♡

Mozart's Children

It’s been snowing for three days… a long-awaited snow… 

The car is stuck in the parking, so yesterday I walked a long way 

to the post office, 

and it felt wonderful! 

I had not walked for a long time, 

so long it felt like I was just discovering 

the sensation of delicate snow flakes 

touching my skin… 

I walked  

on a long, quiet street, 

an old street, 

with old houses, 

some of them remnants of a time when Bucharest 

was called “The Little Paris”.  

I walked for a long time, 

with Mozart’s music playing in my mind… 

(whenever I’m alone his music starts to play inside me, 

and then I’m not alone


I only stopped to freeze some images 

of a past long gone, 

when people needed beauty 

more than they do today, 

and so they built beautiful houses  

in stone, 

not skyscrapers 

in metal, 


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